a valentine’s day poem: for africa - Van G. Garrett / Fui Koshi

i loved you the first time i searched your mountains
and felt your deepest plains: breathtakingly beautiful
you satisfied and complimented my spirit
as i whispered and repeatedly shouted your name
in love-laced incantations which pulsated like drums
and crested like the ocean where i sat and enjoyed
how you spoke to me in refreshing breaths
lulling and fanning me under palms
which shaded my ashed-over feet burrowed in sands
warm and limitless like my love for you
and your wonderful and ever-growing family

The photo, "The Not So Angry Atlantic", is © 2009 Van G. Garrett.


  1. An Ode To My Granddaughter.
    By Rev Peter E Adotey Addo .2009

    This poem is for you Sweetheart.
    An Ode written for you from my heart
    On Valentine Day, only for you.
    With a well deserved thank you
    To help brighten your day.
    Sending lots of smiles your way
    In a big big Red heart
    To say I love you in a big way.
    This Poem is for you Sweetheart
    A Very Happy Valentine to you .

  2. Wonderful poem and wonderful Valentine to Africa. It's so delightful to read Van G. Garrett on the One Ghana site.

  3. Images and sentiments of Ghana are presented in a way that you feel the spirit of the land calling you. Wondeful poem that evokes my desire to return to Ghana!